You can find some useful information about life and education system in Australia

Language Schools in Australia;


Australia seems to be very attractive for students who want to study abroad, both with the advantage that the Australian dollar is more advantageous than other currencies, as well as a 20-hour legal work permit a week on a student visa, mild climate and low crime rate. It provides students with a wide range of choices with its local or international and high quality schools. Students can study as long as they want starting from two weeks and have to attend school at least 80% of time. Students who fall below this rate receive warning letters from their schools and may experience problems with the immigration office if the bad progress continues.


Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth are preferred cities for education. As Koala Education, we will listen to you, your budget and your goals and guide you in the most correct way in terms of city and school.


Certificate and Diploma Schools in Australia;


The duration of certificate and diploma programs are generally; It varies between 6 months, 12 months and 24 months. In these programs, people learn practical information that they can use mostly in their business life. These programs are a good alternative for students who have financial problem as well as their prices much more affordable than any graduate programme.


In Australia, students are asked on average IELTS 4.5 to 5.00 (depending on the desired program) to participate in these programs, defined as Vocational Education Training (VET).


In the first place, students who are not proficient in English are offered language education in proportion to English knowledge. After the prescribed language education, the student can switch to any certificate or diploma program he / she wants in the same school. This is called "package program".

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