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Finding the right accommodation is one of the first concerns for students, who just got a visa and are planning to come to Australia. As you know, Australia is a multinational country which welcomes many international students every year. That is why you won’t have difficulties finding a place to stay.



a local family hosts you in their house, is a good solution for accommodation for your first months in Australia. As pros, you can practice your language and learn Australian culture and traditions. Cons are you do not have so much privacy, that’s why usually this option is suitable only for short-term stay. 


On-Campus is the most popular accommodation for students. You don’t need to travel to campus, you are hanging out with other students and staying involved in campus life. There are single or twin rooms with a shared bathroom and kitchen. Sometimes rooms are even shared amongst 4 or 5 students.



Shared-house is a house you share with other students or friends. You can find private houses with conditions which are suitable for students with help of university or property agencies.

Private Stay

Private accommodation is the best when you want privacy but usually it’s not the easiest one to find. You should prove your income, pay rent in advance and the security payment (bond) to rent a house or appartments.


Also you will have other expenses you need to know before signing the agreement. Most house holders also require recommendation letters from the house holders of your previous place of stay. This is the main problem you may meet, because usually new international students can’t provide any recommendations. Moreover, all houses or appartments are being rent without furniture or even appliances. So you will need buy everything and move it into the house



You have plenty of options to choose from as airbnb is very popular in Australia. It is the best for a temporary accomodation to observe different locations. Prices are very similar to hotels offers especially for high seasons but it worth to try and you can get a good deal if book in advance.


Koala Education Consulting will be happy to consult you regarding accommodation which will meet your requirements and will also give you directions how to find it.

Accomodation in Ausralia


The most popular options for students are homestay, on-campus and shared-house. If you want to rent a private apartment it’s also doable, but a bit more complicated.

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