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Does an Australian student visa allow me to work? 

Yes. The student visa is granted a maximum of 20 hours of legal work permit per week.



Do I need to go to the embassy to apply for an Australian student visa? 

No. The application is made online via the Internet and it is not normally necessary for the person to go face to face during the evaluation period.


Do I need to get the deposit shown in the bank for the visa application for the last 3 months? 

No. It is sufficient that the money in the account is on the day of receipt of the paper from the bank, but since the source of the money is being questioned, the account holder must document his income.


Do I have to pay for my school fee before applying for a visa? 

Yes. However, visa application is made with the final registration document to be obtained after the school fee is paid. In case of visa refusal, the money paid to the school is returned.


Do I have to get a medical report when applying for a visa? 

No, the obligation to get a medical report has been removed in recent years.


Are there any visa labels attached to my passport after my visa is approved? 

No. Australia does not affix visa labels to passports. Your visa is introduced to your passport number digitally.


How is the amount I have to show in the account calculated? 

The Australian government calculates the amount a person needs for living expenses within one year as A $ 20,250. When this amount is added to one year school fee, plane and visa expenses, the total amount found must be in the account we will show.


What does this mean if there is an irrevocable phrase on my visa? 

In schools under 10 months, Australia is able to impose * no extensible * on visas. This means; the visa was issued to you, but it is not possible to extend your visa in Australia after your school period is over. You can make a new visa application only after leaving Australia.


What does onshore price and offshore price mean? 

Onshore price; The price given to students who will apply for a visa in Australia. The offshore price is; The price given to the student who will apply for a visa outside Australia.


How many weeks can I take the language school? 

There are no minimum week criteria for the language school. Even a 1 week school can be taken if requested, but considering the geographical distance of Australia, travel and visa costs, this will not be a logical choice.


What is a package program?

Briefly; language school and the certificate or diploma program that is planned to be continued afterwards are taken at the same time during the visa application. Advantage; After completing the language program, the aim is to continue with a certificate or diploma program and the student receives a visa for two programs once by paying the visa fee.



Is the IELTS exam score required for registration in certificate and diploma programs? 

Yes. Although programs vary from school to school, a minimum of around 5.0 is required. In addition, if a certain period of time (usually at least 1 month) is taken in the advanced English class of the same school, an IELTS score is not required from the student.



Can a certificate course be obtained after finishing a diploma course? 

If the programs are very different, it is technically possible, but during the visa application, you will be asked by visa officers why you want to get these two different programs.

It is expected to progress in a specific program by first obtaining a certificate, then a diploma and then an advanced diploma.


What does the Bachelor program mean?

It is a university undergraduate program. After finishing, Master and Doctorate programs are taken respectively.



Is there a compulsory attendance at schools? 

There is. In Australia, students are questioned not to attend classes for reasons other than illness. The student who does not attend the classes regularly is informed by the school to the immigration office.


What is the difference between Cambridge and General English classes? 

The curriculum of Cambridge classes is more intense than General English classes. This means faster and more effective learning for students.


Are there language, certificate and diploma classes in each school? 

No. While many schools have only language classes, some may only have certificate and diploma programs.


Can I switch between language schools or college campuses in multiple cities? 

Yes. It is possible to switch between the campuses of the same school in different cities.



What does Bridging visa A (Bridge visa A) mean?

Bridging visa A; In case of applying for visas, such as a tourist or student, it is issued by Australia to the visa holder, but this visa is not active while the person's current visa is in progress. If the current visa of the person has expired and the evaluation continues for the applied visa, then the Bridging visa issued to the person becomes active.The active Bridging A visa grants the visa holder all the rights granted by the visa ending. The person only loses the right to go abroad.

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