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All Australian citizens or permanent residents above 18 years old, are eligible to apply for a visa for parents, who lives abroad. Citizens can apply for a short term visa, valid from 12 months to 5 years or to make a plan on how to get a long term visa, which will allow a parent to live in Australia permanently. There are different paths for immigration and each case should be considered individually.

Parent visa
870 subclass

This is a temporary visa that reunites applicants with their children and stays with them up to 5 years. The child (Australian citizen or permanent resident above 18 years) applies for sponsorship and once it has been approved, the parent can apply for a visa offshore.


This visa allows parents to apply for other visas and stay in the country for up to 10 years.

Aged Parent visa
804 subclass

This visa is granted for onshore applicants. Retired parents can come to Australia with a regular Visitor Visa and once application is submitted, they will receive a Bridging Visa. It will allow parents to stay in Australia until application for visa 804 will be approved.


Parents should obligatorily have sponsorship from their adult child, who meets age and financial requirements and can give an assurance of financial support to his parents during all the period of their staying in Australia.

Parent visa
103 subclass

This visa is suitable for parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents. Visa allows  your parents to stay and work in Australia permanently. You can apply both: onshore and offshore

Contributory Aged Parent visa
864 subclass

This visa is available for parents who reached retirement age according to the Australian pension law. As visa 804 it also can be applied onshore while parents stay in Australia with a Visitor and then Bridging Visa.


This visa costs AUD 47,825 (the cost can be changed on the day of your application). This payment is meant to be a contribution to future costs for healthcare, pensions, etc. 

Contributory Parent Visas

143/173 subclass

These are also permanent visas granting the same rights as Visa 864. The required contribution payment currently is AUD 43,600. With Visa 143 payment should be done at once and subclass 173 offers to make the contribution during a few years.

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