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Dealing with Homesickness while studying abroad

Living in Australia is an adventure which throws up a number of challenges. You’re constantly battling lengthy to-do lists for an incredible reward at the end. You are no longer a tourist in Australia, you are a local. For those who relocate, it is this new permanence that can come with an unfortunate side effect, homesickness.

Homesickness has now been recognised as a condition in the world of psychology. It tends to stem from a difference in culture, a language barrier, a change in circumstances and a fear of the unknown.

How to deal with Homesickness?

-Find an expat community from your home country. The best way to find them is often through Facebook groups. They can help you with useful information, such as directing you to local shops or the restaurants that ‘make it like they do back home’.

-Organise video calls with loved ones from home through free video calling apps, such as Zoom or Google Hangouts. By both seeing and hearing them, this will make you feel a little closer to home

-Tell your new friends and colleagues how you’re feeling. If you let them know that you’re feeling a little homesick, often they will let you know that they love having you and you’re valued here.

-Those who suffer from homesickness often suggest it is triggered by a low mood. If you stay healthy by eating right and exercising regularly, you can markedly improve your mood and any negative homesick feelings.

-The most critical way of solving homesickness is to make Australia feel like home. Remind yourself why you are living in Australia in the first place! Discover new things, make new traditions, and use them to strengthen new relationships. By putting in the time and effort, almost everyone is able to cope with homesickness and enjoy their new life!

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