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Interesting facts about Australia 2

-Coffee questions are different in every state.

The baristas of NSW don’t understand what a long black is because they’ll always ask if you want milk with it. In QLD you’re asked if you want your coffee in a mug or cup. Peeps in the NT assume you’re ordering ice-coffee (you have to specify you want it hot) while South Australians and Boomers across the land generally ask for it to be ‘extra hot’.

-Wi-fi was invented in Australia.

-More than 80 percent of Australians live within 100 kilometers of the coast.

-More than 25% of all Australians were born in another country.

-Highway 1 in Australia is the longest highway in the world, spanning around 9,000 miles in total.

-Ugg boots, the popular winter footwear made from sheepskin, originated in Australia.

-Croissants better than Paris. According to everyone including New York Times, Melbourne’s Lune Croissanterie make the best croissants in the world. Traditional French croissant is prepared over three days and will cost you $5.90.

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