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Who are these Australians?

Australians care a lot about friends and family. Family for Australians is the most important.

Furthermore, they prefer positivity in dealing with others. They do not use formalities much, as they just say hello or check hands with a simple smile when they meet.

Customs in Australia

  • Don’t be surprised if on your first meeting with Australian, he will call you by first name immediately. They do not like formalities.

  • Friends and relatives exchange small gifts in the feasts.

  • If you were invited to someone’s house for a meal, it would be nice to bring a box of chocolate or flowers. They also expect you to be in time for dinner, max delay is 15 min.

  • They respect punctuality in important business appointments.

  • In business environment, Australians work in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

  • If an Australian did not like what you are saying, he will tell you at once.

Official holidays

  • Easter

  • Christmas: it includes a turkey meal, pudding, seafood, pork, Christmas cake, minced beef pies, and ice-cream.

  • Anzac Day: it is a national day where the Australians commemorate all Australians who served and died in all wars. It includes prayers, and placing flowers on the graves.

  • Boxing Day: it is the day that comes after the Christmas Day.

Australian food

  • Seafood is very popular in Australia, together with large portions of meat, such as beef or lamb.

  • Breakfast consists of cereals, toast, eggs, and bacon.

  • Lunch consists of sandwiches, salad, and fruit.

  • Dinner is the main course; it generally consists of meat or seafood, along with vegetables and some desert.

Here is some of the traditional Australian food:

  • Vegemite: it is a dark brown spread made from herbs’ extract and spices. Australians spread it over toast.

  • Pavlova, which is a meringue-based dessert, topped with fruit and whipped cream.

  • Lamington: it consists of soft square sponge cake coated with chocolate sauce and coconut.

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